The larp is running from 15-19 july 2021

Sign-up runs from 1st - 15th of July 2020

Sleeping arangements:

Players will sleep in rooms of either 4 or 8 people. Most rooms will be ingame at all times, however we will have a few night-offgame rooms available.

Since we will play under the illusion that the cells are locked at night (without physically locking players inside their rooms) there won't be any gameplay in the common areas in the night. However players are free to play in their rooms, even after ingame bedtime, but we also encourage players to respect roommates need for sleep in the night.

How to get to the location?

The location is right outside the city Tølløse. It is about an hour away by car from Copenhagen.  If you travel from Copenhagen Airport you'll need to take a train to Copenhagen Central Station. From there you can take a train directly to Tølløse Station and go by Bus 530 to Skovbovej (Holbækvej). From there you'll need to walk about 20 min to the location. Perhaps we can set up a bus from Copenhagen to the location, if enough people wish for this.