The experience


Jumpsuits is a larp about the life inside a women's prison and is meant to be played by players who are female (trans or cis), non-binary or agender. As a player you play one of the inmates and will experience the everyday life inside the prison.  This larp is not about making a prison break. It's about how it is to adapt to a new envioment, making friends or enemies and being away from everything outside the prison walls - all with a female perspective.  The larp will try to explore how females interact with each other in a restricted environment and how it is to constantly battle the person you were in the outside world with the person you may need to become to survive life behind bars.
Life can be tough in prison. People argue, get into fights and sometimes even the guards are in a bad mood.  But occasionally a good or even fun day comes along. Movie nights, toilet paper pranks or that one time where Maria started a food fight at dinner. Jumpsuits is a larp that embraces both the hard and fun experiences in prison and as a player you should be prepared for an experience that might vary between social realism and light comedy.


“Jumpsuits” is based on American films and TV-series such as “Orange is the new black” “Chicago” and “Prison Break”. However “Jumpsuits” is set in a fictional (Scandinavian) world, and does not follow American nor Scandinavian customs and laws to its fullest. There will be no segregation in race or sexsual orientations in this larp.  All group relations will be based on the characters’ personalities and types of crime(s). All prisoners serve time in Swanhild prison that is a minimum security prison where the inmates sleep in rooms of 4 or 8 and have access to both outside areas, and different types of common areas such as a library, a TV room etc. The prison is typically home to inmates convicted of nonviolent crimes, though there are many exceptions. Additionally, many older inmates who have lengthily served in medium or even maximum security can be transferred to Swanhild for displaying good behavior. All inmates inside Swanhild prison is required to contribute to the prison by working. Therefore all inmates are assigned a job inside the prison. Life in prison follows a strict, repeatable schedule, but there is still room for some free time. In the free time the inmates can join various social groups and these will partly be created by the players during workshop.


The characters in this larp are pre-written and all players will receive a role from the organizers. The players will have the opportunity to make wishes for what kind of character they like and what themes they would like or not like to play with, before the casting process. All the characters in this larp are female (trans or cis) and this also means that the NPC-guards and kitchen staff will be female as well. All inmates (players) must wear a prison jumpsuit, which will be provided when arriving at the location. The characters’ crimes can vary in size and degree and covers everything from drug and theft sentences to minor violence and fraud.  There will also be a difference in how long the characters have been in prison and how long they have left until they are released. Life in Swanhild prison can be lonely and therefore it is normal for the inmates to have relationships of different kinds. In this larp all sexual orientations are accepted and no one will find it weird if two inmates have a romantic relationship because of their gender. This means that you as a character are allowed to have an opinion on why two other characters should or shouldn’t be together, but not because they are both female.  Love is love in this larp.